This is and overview of what we provide with our customized Setup, Launch, Production & Marketing services. Depending on our business' unique needs, we'll customize an offering best suited to produce a show specific to your brand.

Setup & Launch

Our full-service, done-for-you offerings covers all aspects necessary to ensure a quality podcast production.

✍️ Positioning

Discuss show goals, frequency, guidance on show name and description. Equipment, software review to ensure confidence in creating a professional show flow.

🎨 Cover Art

Custom artwork & weekly episode templates create a professional brand and consistent look & feel, increasing listener engagement.


Ongoing coaching call/visit. Setup, testing equipment; optimize recording space. Ensure total comfort with all setup aspects from Day 1.

πŸ“° Format

Review of interview format, questions, show flow, and coaching reinforces and demonstrates the professionalism of the show.

🏠 Hosting & Directory Submission

Setup podcast hosting, establish show feed with Apple, submission to all current podcast directories (Spotify, etc.) provides a rock-solid hosting and widest visibility possible.

🎬 Podcast Trailer

Professionally directed and recorded β€œEpisode Zero” establishes the voice of the show. Guidance on script ensures professional audio branding.

🎨 Social Media

Custom artwork & weekly episode templates create a professional brand and consistent look & feel, increasing listener engagement.

πŸ“ Guest Templates

Customized guides for you and for your guests, which ensures no steps are missed before and during podcast session recordings.

πŸ”Š Audio Branding

We work with you on the creation of your show's unique audio signature. This includes music, voiceovers and guidance on an effective Call-To-Action. Subscription to remote recording service for clients.

πŸš€ Launch + Production

Full produced episodes are published to your site and social media profiles. For each client we create a Social Media Plan for client approval.

Production + Marketing

βœ‚οΈ Editing

We provide guidance on how to record the best quality audio, then mix in your custom intros & call-to-action. Full audio editing and mastering.

πŸ”— LinkedIn

Each episode is promoted on your LinkedIn company page with a preview of the episode audio, episode recap and subscription links. Increases LinkedIn engagement.

πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨ Artwork

Custom artwork created per episode using a high-quality headshot of your guest, creates a branding experience to promote more sharing.

πŸ™ Repurposing

Syndication of episodes to popular podcast directories and podcatchers, including Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, etc. Increases SEO and makes episode more widely available.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ Publishing

Full episode posted to your company website, SEO-optimized, with embedded player. This provides your business with consistent and regular content, which builds your brand and authority.

πŸ—£οΈ Social Media

Social media posts scheduled daily the week of episode launch, programmed into weekly rotation, allowing for maximum reach of the episode and sharing options for the guests.

πŸ“œ Transcription

Full episode transcription with summary, time-stamped takeaways, tweetables and website links increases SEO benefits & social media sharing.

πŸ“© Email Templates

Email draft sent to your inbox the morning of the episode launch, allows easy engagement for guests. Allows you to promote sharing of the episode.

πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Consulting

Ongoing consulting and periodic reviews scheduled on a regular basis to review show progress and adjust production and marketing as required.

πŸ“† Reporting

Weekly report downloads and reviews, allows easy monitoring of engagement. Ongoing weekly coaching

A Few Nice Words...

β€œ*Harry not only took me on a step-by-step process of the technical part of getting set up for my podcast, but helped me learn how to make the show fit my brand with a professional cover image and voice over. I was able to make it into iTunes New and Noteworthy within 4 weeks of launching”

- John Livesay, Host of The Successful Pitch*

”*FullCast designed my podcast, including helping with naming, cover art, music, recording introduction and outtake, and even participated in the initial episodes as an interviewee proxy. FullCast staff are very professional, and do an excellent job of producing the episode, including audio editing, and publishing across all channels.”

- Michael Langhout, CEO, Langhout International*

β€œ*When we originally hired Harry, we had less staff capacity and needed a lot of production help. His team allowed us to focus on developing our content, allowing us to "show up and record", then walk away, knowing the post production was going to be done, and be done well.”

- Cory Shepherd, President, Sound Financial Group*

β€œ*FullCast advises and produces our company podcast. I just record and send them the content... days later my podcast is published with social content posted. I love it all! We need good content from our internal thought leaders. This makes it easy to record and publish the info in many formats.”

- Nick Lipetzky, CMO, AmpliFi Capital*

A Few of Our Partners...

Here's a Story...

I'm Harry Duran. Since 2014, I've been the Host of the Apple-recommended Podcast Junkies. 310+ interviews some of the most interesting podcasters and podcast luminaries in the Podosphere.

FullCast was founded in 2015 and our focus has been and continues to be on working with business owners who understand the power of a podcast to build authority and awareness for your brand.

In 2020, I launched my second show, the #1-ranked Vertical Farming Podcast, where I’ve interviewed over 100 CEOs and Founders of the leading indoor farming companies from around the globe.